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"How I Lost 30 Kilos (66 lbs) by Fasting"

Make fasting a success! 

"Is There a God or Not?"

In Life, the Universe and Everything

"My Journey with Prostate Cancer"

An Alternative Approach to Cancer

"Duology - My 30 Years as an Alcoholic"

Addiction to Redemption and Everything In-between

"Desperately Seeking Sex & Sobriety"

A cautionary tale of Sex Tourism, Sex Addiction, Alcoholism, Drugs, Prostitution & Suicide


I live at the edge of madness,

As I scale the mountain top,

Up here it's quite peculiar,

It's where mortals fear to tread.

Saints are on my right side,

Satan on my left,

The Angels smile politely,

As they tuck me up in bed.

I'm high up in the mountains,

Where the mythos is too thin,

There's little air or oxygen,

Most here, like me, are dead.

I used to think so clearly,

Now I don't think at all,

The remnants of my sanity,

Shotgun blasted from my head.

-Paul Pisces

" Desperately Seeking Sex & Sobriety" by Paul Pisces 

A cautionary tale of Sex Tourism, Sex Addiction, Alcoholism, Drugs, Prostitution & Suicide

by a recovering alcoholic and

alcoholism survivor

New improved! - now with over 14 years of sobriety


The purpose of this book is to help you understand alcoholism, addiction & sex tourism and hopefully to cut down (& stop) your own addictive behaviour. 

"I found your work on the internet because I was researching sex tourism for an anti-globalization paper. I find your vile story a prime example of the patriarchal hegemony that forces women into prostitution. Your audacity in publishing so horrendous a book on the internet is symbolic of how globalization degrades and marginalizes women all over the planet." - A graduate student at University of South Florida. 



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Alcoholism is a serious business.

It takes your life away before it takes your life.

Since writing my book I have lived through 4 jobs, 3 mental hospitals, 1 redundancy, 1 sacking, 1 rehab, several suicidal periods and finally over 10 years of sobriety after too many relapses to count.

The biggest achievement of my life is getting sober after a 30 year addiction.

The second biggest achievement is writing this book of my drinking career.

Maybe you can learn something from it.

22nd June 2022

WooWoo! 13 years sobriety today! - get Sober, get God, do Good!

22nd June 2020

11 today! - get Sober, get God, do Good!

22nd June 2019

10 years of sobriety today - get Sober, get God, do Good!

22nd June 2017

8 years of beautiful sobriety today  :)

22nd June 2013

4 years sober today.

8th March 2013

My god is a god of science, logic and mathematics.

Sober 1356 days  :)

22nd June 2012

Update - still sober (3 years today).

My 30 year career in alcoholism brought me many things. The three things it didn't bring me were jail, homelessness or death. But I know those three things are waiting for me and alcoholism has a lot of patience......

11th December 2011

Update - still sober (903 days).

Recently finished my year as chair at the meeting of AA I go to.

I am now very comfortable with sobriety - I enjoy it.

Sobriety has required some significant changes to my life but they are worth it.

Now if I can't enjoy something sober I don't do it.

This applies to events, places, people, relationships, friends, work, leisure...everything.

If it doesn't work sober I change it or stop it.

My life is on the line so there is no room for compromise.

My main theme as chair at the meeting was "Sobriety should be fun, if it isn't you are doing it wrong - so change it...."

22nd June 2011

I still live.

And I have completed 2 years of sobriety.

The best years of my life so far.

26th February 2010

I am 50 years old now & celebrated my 50th birthday in rehab.

I am out now and recovering from the chronic alcoholism that nearly killed me.

Today it is good to be alive.

I am a 50 year old alcoholic with a 30 year addiction.

I am now 8 months out of a 28-day rehab.

Over the past two years I have been in 3 different mental hospitals.

I have a choice:

1) Drink and end up in an institution, on the streets or dead.

2) Don't drink.

At the moment I choose 2.

Successful recovery requires (IMHO):

1) A support group (AA, NA)

2) 12 steps or equivalent spiritual program

3) Realisation/Acceptance (Step 1)

4) Commitment

5) Dedication

6) Hope for the future

I am working on it....

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Paul Pisces: There is a God

1) Consider the Big Bang.

2) Consider the Universe.

3) Consider the development of the Solar System.

4) Consider the development of the Earth.

5) Consider the evolution of Man.

6) Do you think this was an accident?

7) Consider your Birth.

8) Consider your Consciousness.

9) Consider your Life.

10) Consider your Circumstances.

11) Consider all those Coincidences.

12) Do you think this was an accident?

13) You are here, now reading This.

14) There are no Coincidences.

15) Get Sober, Get God & Do Good :) 

Life is a circle.

As Genesis begets Revelation,

So Revelation begets Genesis.

As life begets death,

So death begets life.

The circle continues.

Get sober, get God, do Good!

-Paul Pisces

Here is the alcoholic's circle:

To stop drinking you must find God.

To find God you must stop drinking.

How to break this circle?

I started by stopping drinking because that is a physical action within my control.

Once out of withdrawal (7-10 days) I began my search for God.

My search for Truth, God and Love has taken me down many paths. 

Eventually I discovered that there is nothing that is not part of God.

There is no thing that is not part of God.

There is no one that is not part of God.

It is all God.

What is there to fear when there is only God?

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