26 Paul Pisces' Quotes

Paul Pisces' (Infamous?) Quotes

If and when you decide to dance with the devil; be sure to keep a firm grasp of our father's hand.

In this book there are 22 "God"s, 85 "Fck"s and 3 "Cnt"s (4 cnts inclding me). A srprisingly good recipe for life in my opinion.

This book moves seamlessly from the gutter to the pulpit and back again. I prefer the gutter.

Some people have described me as a failed author. However, this is inaccurate. The reality is that I dream of being successful enough to be called a failed author. It's something I aspire to. : )

I am a small piece of God's flotsam & jetsam washed up on the shore of life.

I hope this book doesn't prove to be the longest suicide note in history.

If God is Shakespeare and the play is 'King Lear', I must be the Fool.

All ur prayers r belong to us :)

My god is a god of science, logic and mathematics.

When in doubt.....pray.

1) Get sober. 2) Get God. 3) Do Good.

We are all the sons and daughters of Our Father.

Alternative Titles for this Book

The Autobiography of a Nobody (How it was described by many publishers)

Computers, Sex & Alcohol (The original working title)

Under the Influence (The other working title)

Like a Moth to a Flame (A bit too arty)

Desperately Seeking Suicide (The sequel)

Confessions of a Serial John - A Cautionary Tale of Sex & Insobriety in Europe (The real sequel).