16 Hello Sexy Man

After my eleven days in the Philippines it’s time to move on to Thailand. It is only a three hour flight to Bangkok so it is bearable. On the flight George fills me in on the set-up in Pattaya. The bars in Pattaya are mainly ‘open’ bars gathered together in areas or streets (Soi’s). Open means they have no door or walls - they are just a roof over a square bar area. You walk up to bar and order a drink. Simple as that. Usually there are several bars in a cluster and some of the clusters can be very large. At these bars there are no dancers - just waitresses. If you like one of the waitresses you can buy her a ladies drink or you can pay her bar-fine if she will let you. The bar-fine means she can leave the bar and bar-hop with you. Anything else you want has to be negotiated with the girl.

There are closed bars with dancers too but the drinks are more expensive and so are the bar-fines. The real problem in Thailand is a lack of English. Few of the girls are fluent, so you spend a lot of your time at the bars playing dice games and similar pastimes.

We arrive at the airport terminal in Bangkok around 3pm. It’s a 3 hour coach trip to Pattaya but shortly after 6pm I am in my room at the ‘Carlton Hotel’ getting unpacked.

At 7pm we meet George at reception for a guided tour of the night life. We start drinking at a few open bars in Soi 7, gradually making our way towards the lower Soi numbers where most of the closed bars are.

The only other guy under 50 in our group is Ben. He is 44, muscular and balding with a shaven head. He’s a fireman and clearly was once very athletic. He has gone a little to seed but is still attractive in a quiet, macho way. I wouldn’t want to mess with him.

I begin talking to him and find out he’s been to Pattaya before. We decide to leave the group and explore the closed bars together. We enter a bar called ‘The Tahitian’. The bar is dimly lit and a bit dingy. Two girls are playing pool while three others are dancing on a stage. They are not the prettiest girls I have ever seen. Undaunted we order rum and coke and sit at the bar in front of the stage to watch the girls dance. Without Marcia, I can’t face the evening sober - sad but true. Two waitresses approach us.

"Hello, what your name?" the one nearest me asks. I tell her.

"Where you from?"

"England" I say. She is flirting with me but I am still sober, I don’t fancy her and I just wish she’d go away.

Suddenly, a giant cockroach about three inches long leaps from it’s hiding place straight into Ben’s nearly full glass on the bar. I look at Ben. He looks at me. I drop a one hundred baht note on the bar to cover the cost of the drinks. We get up and leave.

Further down the street and with a lot more rum and coke inside us we get lucky. In another bar called ‘Classroom’, where all the girls are dressed in school uniforms, we see a stunningly pretty dancer. Unfortunately we both fancy her. We call her over and buy her a drink. From her body language and her manner it is clear she prefers me to Ben. Probably just because I am younger and have hair. Ben is pissed off but my luck’s in - I decide to bar-fine her. However, Ben and I haven’t finished getting drunk yet, so I pay the money and tell the girl I’ll be back in an hour or so.

We go to a couple more bars; some have dancing girls. In one called ‘The Crows Nest’, I start talking to the waitress who brought our drinks. She is young (18), cute, with a tight firm body and with all the rum and coke sloshing about in my stomach, I fancy her. We chat some more. I am drunk but functioning and I make a decision - I bar-fine her. Ben can’t believe it. He’s annoyed because he fancied the first girl.

"OK" I say "Go and find her. If she’ll go with you, you can have her."

Satisfied, he leaves the bar and disappears into the night.

It’s late now and after buying my new girl a couple of drinks we get a baht bus back to the hotel. In the room we get passionate before I pass out drunk and exhausted. I am woken by Ben banging on my door. My girl is awake and opens the door.

"Are you OK?" asks Ben.

"Yeah, fine" I manage to say - my head is reeling from too much rum.

"Check your wallet" he says. I check - it’s all in order.

"That’s a relief" says Ben. Apparently, on his way to his room he saw my girl at my room door talking to one of the night porters and he was worried she was rolling me. I am too drunk to care and quickly fall asleep again.

In the morning I wake Ben and we decide to take our girls for a late breakfast across the street. When we are all dressed we meet at reception. Ben’s girl is very cute behind the sunglasses she is wearing. She has a very pretty smile.

"Where did you find this one?" I ask. She really is attractive.

"It’s your first one from last night, stupid" he says. I try hard to remember. This girl looks much prettier than the girl I am trying vainly to picture in my head.

Over breakfast, Ben is persistent and whispers to me.

"Why did you go with the second girl?" He still can’t believe I bar-fined the second girl. Nor can I.

"I liked the second one" I whisper back.

"Come on, why did you go with the second one?" he whispers again.

"Look, I just liked the second one."

"I don’t believe you. Why did you bar-fine the second one?" He is raising his voice now and I am worried the girls will hear. I have a rule. If someone asks me a question three times I assume they want a truthful answer. I whisper in Ben’s ear.

"I asked her if she took it up the arse and she said yes."

The next evening I decide to go bar-hopping alone. Last night’s girl was fun and pretty but her English was poor and even with the help of my Thai-English pocket dictionary, communication was difficult. I really want to find a girl I can hold a conversation with.

I am wandering in the large bar complex at Soi 9, listening to the cries of "Hello sexy man!" from the girls trying to attract customers to their bar. The noise from the many music systems is at times deafening. I pass one bar and see a very slim, petite girl with short bobbed hair. She is wearing a short white dress and she is perched precariously on a pair of extremely high white stilettos.

I sit on a bar stool and order a drink while watching the girl talk to another customer at the far side of the bar. She shakes his hand and he wanders away into the crowd. I call to the girl.

"Hey. Can I buy you a drink?"

"Sure" she says as she totters over to me. "How are you? My name’s Bing." She offers her hand for a handshake. Her English seems good.

"Hello Bing. I’m Paul" I say while taking her very small soft hand in mine. "Who was the other guy?" I ask.

"Oh him. He’s just a customer. He’s just paid my bar-fine. I meet him at his hotel in three hours."

Damn. She’s already bar-fined and I really like her.

"Do you fancy a short-time with me?" A short-time is basically a quick fuck.

"Yeah okay" she says. "Where are you staying?"

"The Carlton."

"Let’s go" she says grabbing her bag from under the counter.

At the hotel we fuck. Her pussy is completely hairless and naked she is delectable. She is also enthusiastic, moaning at the attention of my tongue and sucking happily on my dick. I let her suck my dick without a condom just so that when her next customer kisses her he can taste my dick. Yes, I am a bastard. Finally I bang Bing to a climax. We lie exhausted on the bed for an hour until she has to go.

"My next guy will be waiting. I must go now". She begins dressing.

"OK. I’ll come and see you tomorrow. I want you to stay with me long-time."

"That’s good. See you tomorrow." With a wave she’s gone. Off to her next assignation.

The next evening I arrive early at Bing’s bar. She’s wearing jean hot pants, a tiny white T-shirt and plain white trainers. She runs over and gives me a big kiss. I am probably kissing the other guy’s dick but at least she should have brushed her teeth in the meantime.

"Hello Honey, I’m so glad to see you" she enthuses. "The guy last night was a jerk. I’m glad he only wanted short-time."

"I’m glad you’re here too Bing. I think you’re really cute."

I spend most of the next seven days and nights with Bing. Either in the hotel swimming pool, lazing on the beach or drinking in the bars. She’s good fun to be with, she can play pool and she speaks quite good English. She’s not Marcia though and I haven’t been able to refrain from drinking.

She tells me that she has a French boyfriend supporting her and soon she hopes to marry him and go to live in France. I bet he doesn’t know that she’s still working. Still, what he doesn’t know wont kill him, will it?

As I climb onto the coach that is to take us back to Bangkok airport I hand Bing several thousand baht.

"Thank you Honey" she says. "Take care."

I watch her waving at me until the coach turns a corner and she is out of sight. Tonight she’ll be back at the bar looking for a new customer. But still I love her and I wish her well.

Desperately Seeking Sex & Sobriety - Copyright Paul Pisces 2002-2004

(A Cautionary Tale of Sex Tourism, Drugs, Alcohol, Prostitution & Suicide)