24 Afterword - The Truth about The One

The One loves you. Yes you. Even though you don't know The One. Even if you reject The One.

You are included in The One even if you don't want to be.

Whether you are Moslem, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, Buddhist or some other particular sect or group, you are part of The One and always will be.

You are on a journey and together with the rest of us you are growing and developing. Through trials and suffering The One has a purpose for you although that purpose is not always clear.

So do not be afraid.

Do not turn to hatred.

Turn to the love and compassion in which you are immersed.

Have faith that whatever happens in the world is for a purpose and that in the fullness of time greater understanding will follow.

Be of good heart.

Love your neighbour as your brother even if he doesn't love you.

The One loves you all.

Yes really.

by Paul Pisces

Desperately Seeking Sex & Sobriety - Copyright Paul Pisces 2002-2010

(A Cautionary Tale of Sex Tourism, Drugs, Alcohol, Prostitution & Suicide)